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Uploading Your Files to Ares

As a P2P networking software, Ares emphasizes a sense of community. After all, it would not be possible to download any files at all on Ares if the owners of the files were not so generous as to supply them. If you have been downloading files from Ares and would like to give back to the community, sharing your library of files can be a great way to give back to the community, and enrich the worldwide collective Ares experience. Follow this simple guide to learn how to upload files to Ares.

Step 1: Understanding Uploads

Emphasizing music and movies as well as other types of file sharing, Ares allows for entire folder contents to be uploaded at once. But before getting into actual sharing, you must know what uploading really means. An upload to Ares is not an upload in the traditional sense, where a file is sent to an online file hosting website, where it is stored, and given a url that other people can visit to download the file too. With Ares, as with other P2P networks, there is no intermediary that the files are sent to first. Ares acts as the vehicle that allows one computer to connect to another directly so that there is no need for one. Therefore, an upload to Ares is not really an upload. When you are uploading something, what you are really doing is merely allowing others the possibility of downloading it directly from you, through Ares. With that understood, if you are still ready to upload, open up Ares and open the furthest right tab labeled Control Panel.

Step 2: Configuring the Control Panel

From the control panel, you can configure your setup so that you can control how much of your data is shared on Ares. There are multiple tabs in the control panel that need to be discussed.

General: The general tab contains general settings just as you would expect. The only thing that really needs to be checked here is to connect to the network automatically when I start Ares. This allows you to open Ares, and instantly be online and ready to share as soon as you get on. The rest of the options on this tab are just personal preference. You could choose to start the network yourself too and leave that unchecked, but it is just an unnecessary chore that you could easily avoid by leaving it checked.

Transfer: This tab lets you control how many files can be downloaded from you at once, and what folder your downloads are saved to, as well as letting you control the maximum amount of upload speed. If you have a slower network, you will definitely not want to allow too many uploads at once or it could drastically slow down you internet, your computer, or both. The final thing is to make sure that all of your downloads are saved to the folder of your choice. Make sure it is one that you will remember.

Filesharing: This tab is most important for sharing your own files. It is the tab where you select what folders you want to share with Ares. Make sure that all your important files are in one folder, and select that folder as your default filesharing folder. It is not necessary to have multiple folders, or even to organize these files in any specific way. When they are downloaded by other Ares users, they are downloaded as a series of files exclusively, not as entire folders usually.

Normally, Ares users will be searching for one file, one specific song, movie, or document, and do not need everything that is in your folder. If you insist on having everything collected into one, or not separating some things, it might be a good idea to enclose the important files in a rar file and allow that to be uploaded. Once you have all of these tabs set up though, you should be ready to share. In fact, you probably already are sharing. Soon enough, people will be downloading from you, just as you download from them.