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Optimizing Ares Settings for Your Computer

Ares is not a conventional system for uploading and downloading, meaning that it is not a file hosting service. Ares is a peer to peer program meaning that it is a vehicle that allows transmission of information and files from one computer to another. Because of this, the options involved in configuring Ares are much more complex than just clicking download or upload on the page of a website. For some, the idea behind Ares is not anything new, but for others, it is something entirely different. The point of this guide is to describe what Ares offers that other programs don't, and how to configure Ares with your computer so that both work at optimum capacity.

Step 1: Control Panel General and Transfers

The control panel is where all of the most intimate and important details that govern the operation of your copy of Ares can be edited and changed. When you open Ares and move to the control panel, you will be met with a list of tabs to select from. The General tab will be the first in the series. The general tab has several options, but the only ones that are really important are the first and second tabs, loading up Ares when windows starts, or loading up the network when Ares starts. For the sake of convenience for anyone trying to share some of the files that you might be uploading, you should leave both checked, so that anyone can share with you whenever your computer is on.

The next available tab is the transfer tab. Here you can control the amount of downloads that can be taken from your collection of shared files at one time, and the amount of downloads that you can take from other people's systems. The amount of downloads allowed at once is set to a default of ten which can be increased or decreased. If you allow too few downloads at once, you will get download single files to download faster, but a collection of a larger amount of files will take longer to queue up. If you allow too many downloads, you will be able to queue up many files for download at once, but they will all be competing for so much network attention that each file will be downloaded extremely slowly. Coordinate each setting according to your needs on an average night of downloading.

Controlling the amount of uploads allowed at once means that you are controlling the amount that can be downloaded from you by other Ares users. The fewer files that can be downloaded at once, the more people there are competing for that slot. In order to fulfill the needs of others, you will need to be online often. Too many people downloading at once though and your computer would go slower. Again, coordinate these settings with your needs.

Step 2: Control Panel Bittorrent

For torrent users, this screen is self explanatory. This allows you to set Ares as the default torrent client, meaning that whenever you download a torrent, it will be downloaded through Ares rather than bittorrent or Utorrent or whatever program your computer uses normally. This can help cut down on the unnecessary amount of extra programs on your computer since Ares functions as a bittorrent client, a file sharing service, a media player. You can check this option if you wish to economize, or leave it blank.

Step 3: Control Panel Filesharing

This is the final step in optimizing your system to both upload and download, and this screen concerns the uploads that you make to other people's systems, and the downloads they take from you. The first selection that is up is just the C drive. Make sure to make a folder beforehand that you are comfortable sharing. Sharing the entire C drive is unadvisable as you would be sharing all of the sensitive information on your computer. Once you've selected the correct drive and done all of the other steps, your system should be optimized to start using Ares to its full potential.